Question: How long does the cotton products last?

Answer: The cotton products will last many years as long as you store the wreath in a dry location and keep it out of the weather elements. 

Question: Is there any care or storage instructions that need to be done to the cotton products? 

Answer: Since the cotton products dry naturally there is no care needed. You want to make sure you keep the box the product comes in for storage purposes in a dry location. 

Question: How are the cotton wreaths formed?

Answer: Each cotton wreath is handmade using a metal-clamp wreath ring. 

Question: What happens if the wreath gets wet? 

Answer: You should keep the wreath out from hitting the weather elements. If your wreath gets wet, you will want to bring it in to air dry and maybe tuck and fluff some the pieces of cotton back into place.

Question: How long will it take for the wreath to ship after I order it?

Answer: Each cotton wreath is handmade after the order is placed. This insures that the wreath looks the best and has the best shape. We are usually able to ship within a week of the point of sale.

Question: What is the return policy? 

Answer: Due to the custom and fragile nature of the products we don't offer any refunds.